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Save your time on the command-line with fuzzy finder

The command-line fuzzy finder by Junegunn Choi is a new interesting time saver and power user utility I find myself using all the time nowadays. Search the command history with fzf A very common thing for command-line power users is to use Ctrl+R to search the command history, and thus avoid typing the same command […]

Pimp your bash with Liquid Prompt

Linux users, software developers and power users alike spend a lot of time in the command-line prompt. The default Bash shell that ships in most Linux distributions have stayed pretty much unchanged for years and years. We wanted to explore how to improve the every day command-line experience, and eventually came very fond of the […]

Partition like a pro with fdisk, sfdisk and cfdisk

Most Linux distributions ship the hard drive partition tool fdisk by default. Knowing how to use it is a good skill for every Linux system administrator since having to rescue a system that has disk issues is a very common task. If the admin is faced with a prompt in a rescue mode boot, often […]