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The Best of 2015


Another new year has started, and we think it is time to look a bit back and review what became the most popular content in Seravo Blog in 2015.

Alltogether, in 2015, Seravo’s web page gained 233 681 visits and 196 401 users – these are pretty cool numbers for a modest sized company that we still are. Actually, there were more visits to during the year than there are people living in our hometown Tampere (being the third largest city in Finland with 225 269 inhabitants).

For these great statistics we can blame this blog, which has attracted the vast majority of our online visitors. So let’s see what were the most popular blog posts last year – and which ones remain as the all-time favourites still today.

The five most popular blog posts in in 2015

1. 10 reasons to migrate to MariaDB (if still using MySQL)

The most popular post last year – and actually the first article written in 2015 – was the one praising MariaDB and providing a list of reasons to start using it as your database. The article also created lively discussion in the comment section!

2. Ubuntu Phone and Unity vs Jolla and SailfishOS

In August we compared two Linux-based mobile operating systems that stand as competitors to Android. As a conclusion we claimed that  “Jolla and SailfishOS would be the technically and usabilitywise superior alternative, but then again Ubuntu could be able to leverage on it’s position as the most popular Linux distribution in desktops and servers”. All in all, we hoped for new innovations fueling from these (at least for now minor) competitors.

3. Ubuntu Phone review by a non-geek

The new Ubuntu Phone was clearly in the center of the open source community’s attention in the summer of 2015. A not-that-technical review on the phone became the year’s third most visited blog post. After that the phone has been tested and tried by Seravo geeks too – and has not gained too admirable evaluations…

4. Continuous integration testing for WordPress plugins on Github using Travis CI

If that wasn’t technical enough for you, maybe the article on testing WordPress plugins will do? And if you found youself puzzled after reading it, do not hesitate to contact us. Seravo can help you using PHPUnit, Rspec and Travis in your projects, please feel free to ask us about our WordPress testing via email at .

PS. If you identify yourself as a Finn (or for some other odd reason happen to be familiar with Finnish), check out our blog on that focuses on all things happening within and around WordPress.

5. Fixing black screen after login in Ubuntu 14.04

The fifth most read article in 2015 was our guide to fixing a Ubuntu login problem that raised from some of our customers. Instead of charging for one hour of work for fixing the problem, we provided the instructions for everyone to do it on their own.


The all-time favourites

Even though they say that infomation ages faster than ever, it seems that even ancient articles in the Seravo blog are still valid and popular today. The post on how to turn any computer into a wireless access point with Hostapd from August 2014 is actually still the most popular of all pages with over 67 000 page visits. The more recent post on why to migrate to MariaDB has taken the second place with nerly 57 000 visits.

Next in the all-time top five favourites come the following articles:

Free Your Android phone (and upgrade to the latest Android version)!

Optimizing web server performance with Nginx and PHP

Virtualized bridged networking with MacVTap


In fact, our front page with approximately ten thousand visits per year only comes as sixth on the list of our most popular pages. This proves us that a blog is a great way to attract attention and to participate in the on-going technological discussion.

Although located in the northern corner of the world, in this distant land of snow and software, Seravo has with its online presence drawn visitors from all over the world: United States, India, Germany and United Kingdom form the top four and our dear own Finland takes the fifth place on this list.


At this point we would like to thank all of our visitors, readers and especially those who have commented on the blog posts! We will keep on posting new topics in 2016 as well, and the comment section is always open for new thoughts and constructive criticism. We are also more than happy to receive ideas for future blog posts from any of you.

Happy new year!

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