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Jolla and Sailfish Hack Day 2014-02-22

Would you like to learn how to write a Sailfish OS app and get it into the Jolla store? Or are you already working on a Sailfish app but need help with it? Join the Jolla and Sailfish Hack Day to code and learn from other SailfishOS and QML enthusiasts. And if you already have an app in the Jolla store, please come and share your expertise!

Sailfish OS logoThe day will start at 12:00 with Artem Marchenko’s presentation “How to make a Sailfish app that passes Harbour QA (and would be good enough for the Jolla store)” where he presents his Hello World Pro example.

After this tutorial everybody can open SailfishOS SDK on their laptop and start coding. During the day experts will walk around and help out. You are also encouraged to help your peers with what you can! Together will make great apps.


  • some priori coding experience and courage to dive into SailfishOS SDK
  • an idea for an app
  • your own laptop to code on
  • limited seats – participants must be registered

Not required:

  • Jolla phone – you can write and run your app with the SailfishOS SDK and get your Jolla device later
  • food or drink – there will be pizza, beer and other refreshments sponsored by Seravo

Register now. Participant amount is limited.

Organized by Devaamo rySeravo Oy and Arch Red Oy

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